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Packaging AND labeling

Technical Horse blanket Hang Tag

I created this hangtag as part of the HV POLO new technical horse blankets range, with a descriptive drawing of the features and information about the blanket.

Equicool Technical Fabric Hang Tag

I created this Equicool hangtag as part of the HV Polo technical fabric range. I created the logo and the illustration.

Pin Card Design

I created this card design for 3 enamel pins to be inserted on the card. These pins are  used on clothing as decorative purposes.

Hang Tag - Size Zero Design

The size zero hang-tags were printed on hologram paper, the hang-tags are added to girl tights designed for girls between the ages 10-14. Logo printed on foil paper.

Hang Tag - Active Wear Design

Active wear hang-tags is part of the imperial riding new summer 2018 active wear collection. I created different packaging material for this specific range that was sent to production. Printed on hologram paper. With a product description list on the back for stores to tick the specific product features.

Gloves Hang Tag

The glove hang-tags are also part of the summer 2018 active wear range. Printed on hologram paper.

Rocky Road Packaging Gift Box

The 'rocky road' range packaging is a socks gift box with 3 different sock variants. There are 2 different types of gift boxes one is 'mixed combo' and the other one 'rainbow socks'. They come in 2 colors; white with pink stars and pink with white stars. I measured the socks and created a template with a plastic top window for a easy view of the pattern on the socks. The packaging was also detailed and measured for easy production.

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Easy Rider Sock Stand

I created a sock stand according to template to display the Easy Rider -Technical Socks especially developed for horse riding. It was a fun project and was mass produced.

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